Intentions are not the same as Goals

December 05, 2018

Intentions are not the same as Goals

The New Moon is the perfect time to rest and dream, to connect with your heart and put words to your deepest desires. In other words, to set intentions.

Remember when you were young and you would blow on a Dandelion seed to offer your biggest wishes up to the universe to fulfill? I still do that, but now that I am a grown up I call my wishes INTENTIONS. (Same thing though.)

Intentions come from a deep knowing within your heart and are released to the universe without the mind interfering and without expectation. They give voice to your deepest desires that support your joy and your inherent trust in the power of your heart to lead you in the direction of your greatest good.

Intention is the starting point of every dream. It is the creative power that fulfills all of our needs, whether for money, relationships, spiritual awakening, or love.

When you set an intention, you are connecting to your biggest dreams and how you can bring them into reality without identifying specific parameters. When you set an intention they are broad expressions of inner feelings and open for interpretation by the Universe.

For example an intention might be a deep desire to spend more time with the people that matter most to you. How that dream manifests, and when, is not specific and may take many forms but when we are clear of our intention you can be sure you will ultimately manifest more time. 

When you are trying to lead your life led by the wisdom of your heart it is always, always, ALWAYS about trust.

Goals however require active mental gymnastics, planning and execution. By their nature they are well-defined measurable outcomes with specific parameters, time limits and results. There is often little room for interpretation and not meeting your goals can lead to feelings of failure and disappointment and other heart-heavy thoughts that do not serve you in any way. They can in fact stunt, rather than support, your personal growth.  

Is there room for both as we attempt to live our lives led by our hearts rather than our ego minds? Honestly, I don't know.

We are led to believe by many personal and lifestyle coaches that creating dated and measurable goals, in the direction of our dreams is the only way to assure us the robust businesses, exciting careers and “successful” lives we crave. Especially when when we make ourselves financially accountable for these steps. Is that the truth? 

I'M ASKING YOU TO THINK HARD ABOUT WHAT TRULY RESONATES FOR YOU? Especially as we are coming up to the New Year when goal setting resolutions are the status quo. Meditate, journal, whatever but give it some serious thought.

Are your goals allowing you the freedom to grow and nurturing self-love? Or are they restrictive, limiting, super specific and focusing on fixing what you think is wrong with you and your life? 

Personally my greatest intention, my deepest wish, is to let go of my need for control and surrender instead to the deep knowing of my heart. To spend each New Moon allowing myself to rest and dream my biggest dream and understand that the Universe will support all of my intentions beyond my wildest imagination if I can only remain open to the forms in which they are presented to me.

And every day, my simple goal perhaps is to do one small thing that nourishes and supports my health and well being.

What are your thoughts?

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