The Beautiful Wisdom of Earth's Cycles

March 09, 2019

The Beautiful Wisdom of Earth's Cycles

Our bodies are the Earth...literally!

Every molecule, every element, every cell of our complex and beautiful human form is built from the Earth and returned to the Earth in the beautiful cycle of life and death. And as such, every cell of our being carries the intelligence and wisdom of the Earth herself.

Whether we are tuned in or not, aware or oblivious or somewhere in between, our bodies are always communicating with us, all the time, as we go about our lives. The question is, do we want to listen?

For the most part I think we ignore and override and criticize and bemoan rather than honor these incredible creations that temporarily house our souls. We often treat them badly—from the food we feed them, the rest and peace we deny them, to the expectations we hold over them for perfection and so on and so on. And this malevolence is reflected in how we treat the greater body, the Earth, that we all share.

This is my work for sure. Healing this disconnect. Within myself of course, but also doing the challenging work of articulating and sharing my understanding to any who will listen. For I know deeply that this reconnection to ourselves, our bodies, is the way we will heal the Earth. I love this incredible planet with every fiber of my being, and I can see all the ways we are harming her, and yet she is so beautifully, and gently, teaching me about all the ways I am doing the same to myself.

And so, this past week under the benevolent care of the dark moon, I have learnt so much about myself and what it means to really honor my body and my cycles and the Earth. What it means to be in alignment and how easy it is to override this delicate balance when we allow our fears and doubts to lead our lives rather than the wisdom of our hearts and our magnificently intelligent bodies.

There is great peace and enormous joy to be found, when we align our thoughts and our actions with the wisdom of our bodies and the wisdom of the rhythms and cycles of the Earth and the moon that are here to guide us.

I have been worrying about the fact that I have not put out a New Moon Inspiration newsletter as I usually do. The topic I wanted to write about was cycles of course. Not menstrual cycles per se, but all the cycles of the Earth and Nature and the moon that we as humans are connected to in so many beautiful ways.

Of course, the way I learn best is through experience. And over the last couple of months I have been on a huge expansive creative cycle which peaked a couple of weeks ago when I distinctly felt my energy change. My inspiration, my drive and my motivation literally drained right out of me. My book project hit some major speed bumps as well which has me grinding to a halt there, and to top it all off, after being headache free for almost 5 weeks I was slammed with a week long episode that is only lifting this morning.

The entire Universe in fact seems to be conspiring to teach me how to slow down and how to pay attention to AND honor the cycles of which we all are a part.

In our world we tend to push through, ignoring our bodies when this happens. Our culture is based on 40+ hour work weeks all year round. We simply grab another cup of coffee and keep going. We have no choice we tell ourselves. And I know deeply that this way of being in relation to our bodies is a major source of dysfunction and ultimately dis-ease.

When I push though I am not honoring the wisdom that my body is sharing and that Nature shows us. When I push though I am allowing my fears to lead the way. So with one breath I am aware of how we need to honor the Earth, and with the next, fully dishonoring her by ignoring my body which is a part of the Earth in all ways.

This is an enormous disconnection and this disconnection keeps us all trapped on the hamster wheel of fear and self-destruction behaviour.

How can we address all that is not working in our world, and fix it, if we can’t see the disconnection within our own bodies? This is the power each and every one of us holds.

Each one of us has the power to shape our own stories. We always have a choice and the illusion is that we believe that we don’t—even in our affluent western world. This is the definition of disempowerment on all levels. And this is possibly the reason why we continue to push ourselves when our bodies are signaling otherwise. This is a cycle that we desperately need to find the courage to break.

And so I have sat this past week with all of that and all the ways I perpetuate my own disempowerment, and feed my own fears. I am trying to run a business, after all, and if I am not present will I fail?

Marketing and time management wisdom asks us to create extra when we are feeling the energy and put that out when we are feeling low energy. In my mind however, that just feeds into the illusion that not only are there are no downtimes, but also that we are never truly able to live in the present moment, always worrying about the future right?  And I want to have the courage to change that.

As I build this Soulflower business, what I want most is to share the beauty and wisdom of the Earth, of our bodies, and when we connect to that how this will not only help us to heal on an individual level but heal the Earth too.

And so, hard as it is, I need to allow myself to not send a newsletter on time if it is not forthcoming. I need to honor when I am not feeling super creative and find a way to share that experience too, even when I can totally feel the personal sting of comparison. That part of me that thinks that everyone else has got their act together in their businesses—comparison really is the thief of joy and peace is it not?

Productivity is how we measure value in this world, and the negative self-talk around lack of productivity is pervasive and deep. And so I feel more than ever committed to finding a way to share this understanding, to be true to my heart and my body and to sit with my fears and my physical limitations as they arise, with great respect and love, for my body and the wisdom she contains.

The wisdom the Earth shares, with her cycles of day and night, her seasons, and the rhythm and strength of the moon pulling and pushing our bodies and our own feminine cycles is a beautiful and multi-layered map gently guiding us all. The Earth is a patient teacher, a loving mother, helping us remember and redefine our connection to the bodies that support our lives and allow us to experience this incredible gift of being human.

Tuning into our own bodies and then honoring what we discover is perhaps the greatest gift we can give ourselves, each other and the world at large.

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