It's All Vibrations Baby

October 25, 2021

It's All Vibrations Baby

I’ve got a naturally soft and quiet voice and I’ve never been super musical or even listened to much music, preferring the quiet or the sounds of Nature in the background. But the power of our voices, to convey emotion and move energy through our bodies to create in the world, is a profound gift we all share. 

As a child I would mime the words in choir, super self conscious and afraid to let my voice be heard. I may not have been blessed with a beautiful singing voice, but I now know that I am blessed with a voice for singing my heart’s desires, my dreams, my prayers, into this world. 

And so are you. 

This moon cycle I have been journeying with Bee Balm (VIBRANCE) as my spirit guide and together we have been diving into the power of sound and deepening my understanding and awareness of creative energy and exploring my purpose in the world. 

Bee Balm says, “It’s all vibrations baby!”

Bee Balm (VIBRANCE) encourages you to let go of inhibitions, cut loose of the labels that bind and limit, connect with your heart’s passion and sing your unique song at the top of your lungs! Everyday is a gift worth celebrating. It’s time to show up and embrace the potential of your own life—no more excuses!

Think about what Vibrance, and what vibrancy means to you. 

In our world we usually think of vibrance as a state of being where we are pulsating with life, full of energy and vigor, and “on your game.” Dull and lifeless is the opposite of vibrance, right?

As I welcomed Bee Balm into my life this cycle the first thing I became aware of was all the beautiful, vibrant leaves that the season of Autumn brings. The fall colors in Maine are renowned and travellers come from all around especially to “leaf peep” and enjoy Nature’s exquisite, fleeting show. 

I began to think of how vibrant the colors were and yet, the leaves are actually in the process of dying! Letting go of their life force energy! 

Is it possible that vibrancy can also look dull, exhausted, lifeless, even ill perhaps? Is it possible that vibrancy has very little to do with outer appearances and everything to do with inner vibrations?

“Yes!!! Of course!” sang Bee Balm.

And my mind went to winter and the coming snow and the quiet, intensely beautiful, monochromatic landscape that still exudes tremendous vibrancy without the colors and variety of our spring and summer growing season. 

Vibrancy, your vibration, is more of a state of being and has everything to do with coherence with your heart’s truth rather than what labels you are wearing.  

Does your current vibe resonate with your heart’s truth?

Do the colors you wear, the activities you spend your precious time in, the place where you live, the words you they all resonate with your heart’s truth?

Does your outer world resonate with your inner world?

Bee Balm asks me, “What wants to be expressed through you, right now? FEEL IT. Way down deep, under all the coulds and shoulds, feel the vibration of what you wish to express and allow that song to move through you out into the world. This is how to create from the inside out, rather than from the outside in. And you are a powerful creator. Remember, everything is energy vibrating.”

Yes! And where we focus our attention and our energy is what thrives! 

I remember. 

Bee Balm is asking us all to use our “voices”, our creative energy, to sing our unique heart songs.

This is our purpose. Not the narrow definition of a vocation or a title or any label. These are simply the ever changing tools we have in our physical world to express our unique vibrations which are absolutely not physical. Do you remember? Can you feel this truth? Does it resonate with you?

Bee Balm’s energy feels like a vibrant firework display (to me) celebrating the baby steps in understanding, the expanding awareness of our human consciousness, as we remember and slowly open to the truth of who we are. 

This morning, I’m writing my heart song to share with you as I dream into reality the vibration I have in my heart for the reunification of the Earth, of humanity, with All That Is. My heart remembers and embraces the diversity of human expression and all life on Earth as the incredible, vibrant, diverse, symphony that it is. And we are not the conductors of it all, we are only the conductors of our own instrument. And the most precious gift of life itself is the song we are playing...creating...together. 

I may not have been blessed with a beautiful singing voice, but I no longer worry about the judgement of others, or allow them to stifle my music, because I know I am blessed with a voice for singing my heart’s desires, my dreams, my prayers, into this world. And I also know, without a shred of doubt, that you are too.


Dig deeper with Bee Balm (VIBRANCE) here

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