The Daily Oracle Card Pick

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The Daily Oracle Card Pick

So here we are, on planet Earth. All of us cramming our limitless, luminous light selves into dense, physical bodies so that we can experience our true selves through the ups and downs, ins and outs of our amazing, complicated, multi-faceted human lives. It’s not easy! Right?

Each of us has our own personal set of circumstances, experiences, and beliefs that have been passed down to us through generations, and absorbed from deeply ingrained social programming, that mashes together to form the soil from which we grow our unique lives.

While each of our actual stories may vary in its details, the end goal is always the same. We all want to experience joy, health and love. We all want to feel a sense of belonging, a sense of peace and physical security. We all want connection and unity. It’s part of being human.

Unfortunately, our modern world has us believing that this is not possible. We are told we are all separate and in competition for limited resources. Survival of the fittest. And so our attention is focused outwards on all our perceived differences and it is hard to figure out where our place is and how we fit in.

From our early childhood we are conditioned to differentiate, to compete, and to achieve, and we struggle to make sense of our lives and our world and to be "successful" within it. We constantly look to external sources for guidance, for direction, in comparison and for approval. No longer trusting that we know what is best for ourselves. Everyone else is an expert and we relinquish our power to them...willingly.

For me, one of the biggest challenges in my life has been a profound sense of loneliness and disconnection. From other humans, from myself and from the natural world around me. In my own journey, learning to trust my inner wisdom, my intuition, my own guidance system has been the thread that is slowly weaving understanding, joy and connection back in to my life.

A big part of the process of reconnection has been making time for daily self reflection. Time to process my emotions, time to discover what is my heart’s truth as opposed to all the supposed “truths” I’ve adopted and gathered through my life.  

Like peeling an onion, as I spend time with myself, layers upon layers of untruths fall away and I begin to uncover glimpses of who I truly am.

This is the process of healing, of becoming whole, and finding gratitude, joy, connection and peace in the midst our crazy modern lives.  And this is where I believe oracle decks really shine—as a starting point for daily self-reflection.

There are many ways to use the oracle deck, but the simplest way—and I like simple—is with a DAILY PICK. This is a daily ritual you create for yourself and there is NO WRONG WAY to do it. The point is to learn to trust yourself and that the messages that you are receiving are for your own highest good and exactly what you need to hear at that moment.

I am a morning person, so I make my morning coffee, sit in my favorite comfy chair, and spend some time just enjoying the moment before my busy day begins. In this space of quiet gratitude, I set the intention that I will receive a card that will help me learn, grow and understand myself more fully this day, and then I shuffle the deck and pick a card. Simple!

I read the card and place it on my little morning altar on the side table by my chair. And then I drink my coffee, thinking about the message I’ve just received. Most days I am inspired to journal or doodle a little. When we write our thoughts down we release them from the inner turmoil of our chaotic minds. Seeing them on paper helps us to process and make sense of them.

Sometimes I am well aware of the significance of the message I receive and sometimes I only realise it’s relevance sometime later. Always, I thank the Plant Spirits, feeling gratitude for the practice and I carry the message in the back of my mind as I begin my day.

Over the days, over the months and now years of this practice, I have found that instead of always looking outside of myself for guidance and direction I have begun to look to my own heart, to my own inner knowing, my intuition if you like. And the more I have done this, the more I have learnt to trust myself. And the more I have learnt to trust myself, the more I have begun to move through my life guided by the wisdom of my own heart’s truth rather than the judgmental and fragile voice of my ego. And that, I believe, is true empowerment.

And just as in our relationships with other humans, with time, love and attention, your relationships with the Plant Spirits will deepen too. There will be certain cards that you will pull on a regular basis and they will become special friends and allies on your personal journey of self-discovery. You will start noticing the plants and flowers around you—in your social media feed, that book you are reading, on the lady’s dress in line at the coffee shop….and so on.

It is clear to me that Plant Spirits have a beautiful way of showing up exactly when you need them.

I know it is hard to create and maintain a daily practice, but it is so much easier than not having the space and tools to process, reflect and work through the challenges and joys of being human. The road won’t always be clear but when the going gets tough you will know in your heart, with certainty, that not only do you have the power to weather each and every situation you face, you will emerge at the other end stronger and certain that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

In a perfect world everyone would have a daily practice of self-reflection, of mindfulness, and meditation—with or without oracle cards! It would be taught in every home and every school and be a natural part of everyday life. It is an important way to learn to recognize and reflect on our stories and experiences so that we can act, (rather then react unconsciously), from our center of truth with compassion and respect for ourselves and others. It is the next step in our evolution as humans.

Because it is so important to me, I have created an on-line version of the Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle Deck so that even if you don’t own the deck you can still practice the Daily Pick. Eventually I hope to add deeper reflections, information and connections for each Plant Spirit. But for now, go ahead, shuffle the deck and select a card for the day. (Zoom in to read your message!)

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November 08, 2018

Thank you so much for doing this, Lisa. I do hope to one day have your deck. I just love it! But until then, I love that you have made it available online. <3

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