Holiday Gift Bundles


When I connect with my heart and tap into my deepest desires, what I discover is the deep longing for peace. Peace in my own life and peace for all beings in the world we live in. Every step of my healing journey has been directed by this awareness.

Soulflower is now a little over three years old, and not once in those three years have I felt the need or desire to participate in anyway with Black Friday sales or holiday shopping fervor. This year however, I received a joyful spark of inspiration to seed a few thoughtful offerings in alignment with my hearts truth and to celebrate how far I have come and the deep inner peace, joy and stability I feel with where I am now.

I have carefully put together three special gift collections from my heart that I hope will inspire peace, joy and stability in yours and those who receive them as gifts.

All are limited run and crafted by hand. In Joy! 🌸