Inner Peace

Inner peace starts and ends with you. Period. When we listen to and align with our heart’s guidance, despite all the external cues to the contrary, we find the inner wisdom and strength to live peaceful, joyful, soul-led lives. This is called heart coherence. 

I think of the heart like a seed in the center of our bodies—a seed which when tended, connects you with the infinite and allows the peace and love that you are to grow, envelop and empower you with purpose and presence in your life. And the beauty is that this seed is present within us all. 

This offering is everything that I have remembered about how to nurture the seed that is within you. It is an invitation for you to reconnect with yourself and with the Earth, to create sacred self-care and simple healing rituals that allow your seedling heart to sprout, even in the most adverse conditions. 

This gift bundle is all about YOU. This is the offering that you buy for yourself so you can show up for all the people, places and things that are counting on you this holiday season and beyond. 

What’s included:

Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle Deck: The Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle is a simple tool for daily self-reflection and self-care. It will not predict the future and it won’t fix your problems for you. What it will do is help you to connect directly to your own inner wisdom, your intuition. Like a mirror reflecting back at you the truth of what’s in your heart. And what you will see reflected is not anything that you don’t already deeply know and understand—it is just that you may have forgotten this wisdom as you deal with the “realities” of everyday physical reality. 

Tending the Garden of Your Soul—Plant Spirit Wisdom & Oracle Guidebook: Tending the Garden of Your Soul stands alone or is a supportive companion for the Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle Deck and The Daily Practice. It features the wisdom of the 44 Soulflowers including beautiful full color Plant Spirit Art for meditation along with affirmations and prompts for your contemplation and reflection.

The Daily Practice Journal: The Daily Practice is an uncomplicated and thoughtful companion to Tending the Garden of Your Soul and the Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle Deck. It features the messages of the 44 Soulflowers as meditative coloring pages flowing within the simple framework of the moon cycles, and supported by affirmations and inspirational quotes along with plenty of space for you to journal your daily oracle pick, your thoughts and reflections.

Soulflower Temporary Tattoos (pack of my choice): We are more than just physical bodies, and plant spirit energetic medicine works directly with your spiritual and emotional bodies. It speaks directly to your heart and soul. Each packet includes 3 tattoos of the same design, the plant spirit message, an affirmation, and is an invitation for you to create your own sacred ceremony as you apply the tattoo, which will deepen your connection to the flowers, to all of Nature, and to yourself.

Custom Inner Peace Essential Oil Roller Bottle: A hand crafted mix of heart centered essential oils, with an organic coconut oil base to support you tapping into the peace, the joy, the stability and the grace of the season. Information about all the ingredients and suggestions for usage included.

Hand-poured beeswax tea light candle and reusable steel candle holder from Serenibee: Lighting a candle reminds me of my light within and helps craft an illuminating, sacred space for inner reflection, especially as we go into this season of darkness. 

Rose Tea: 4 individually wrapped bags of my favorite heart nourishing and magical brew, Tulsi Sweet Rose Caffeine Free Tea from Organic India.

Plus a 10% off code for one Soulflower Sanctuary Mentorship cycle of your choice in 2020. The Soulflower Sanctuary is a place where we gather in a virtual circle to explore the wisdom that arises from within when we connect with our hearts to the plant spirits. Each moon cycle features a collective deep dive with a single Soulflower and I would love to have you join me.


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