Soulflower 2017 Plant Spirit Journal & Calendar

My Soulflower

My intention with the Soulflower 2017 Plant Spirit Journal & Calendar is to provide you with a simple, compact, portable sacred space where you can integrate your spiritual self-reflection with the everyday doings of your busy life.

The 7'x7" square journal has 140 FULL COLOR pages of week-at-a-glance calendars combined with space for daily pick reflections, journaling or whatever! It features many original photographs from my gardens in Maine, artwork from my Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle Deck, inspirational quotes, affirmations and helpful moon phase symbols. The final pages include space for notes and planning for the year ahead.

A simple daily practice of selecting an oracle card and holding the message through the day, is a wonderful way to reconnect with your self, and with nature and her wisdom and to support our personal healing journeys. Deepening your level of self-awareness and understanding, and helping you tap into your own intuition and inner wisdom as you go about your daily life. This unique journal and calendar is intended to be a beautiful, supportive and contemplative companion piece for the Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle Deck but can be used alone or with any other deck.

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