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The spirit of every plant has a message and an intention that will support your journey of healing and self-discovery


Welcome! I’m so happy you are here!

I consider this little space on the interwebs my virtual garden. A calm and gentle place where all visitors are welcome to explore and share in my heART-filled journey of growth, healing and self-discovery graciously supported by the loving guidance of Nature herself.

Soulflower is an external manifestation of my inner spiritual work learning to follow my heart and to live a joyful life, and it is an expression of my soul connection with the spirits of the flowers and trees that grow in my real garden and in the woods around my home in Maine.

As my understanding of the flowers, and the interconnectivity of all of nature deepens, so does my understanding of myself and I know the same is possible for you… if you desire it. 

Understanding yourself is self-empowerment. My logo is a Dandelion seed, as it is my wish to spread the seeds of empowerment to others on their healing (wholing) journeys. Through my art, my words, and sharing my life, I hope to inspire and support yours. Not to do the same, but to realize the power of your own heart to lead your way. 

It is my belief that by each one of us stepping up and accepting responsibility for our own healing journeys, we will not only heal this planet but we will also cocreate the kind of world that I know exists in all of our hearts.



One by one as we come home to ourselves, and our direct connection with Nature, we can bring the Earth back into balance.

As you will see, I have some pretty big intentions riding on those seeds and I’m pretty sure you do too! So, where on Earth do we begin?

While so much of this healing work is UNSEEN and found in just BEING, most of us humans like DOING. 😉So I’ve created a variety of Plant Spirit tools and resources to assist you in discovering and creating your own rituals and practices for exploring your own journey as well as group experiences to help you understand and integrate the Soulflowers into your life.  

🌸 Use the Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle Deck and Tending the Garden of Your Soul Guidebook for daily seeds of wisdom. 

🌸 Record your daily pick along with your reflections and insights in the Soulflower Daily Practice Journal

🌸 Carry the plant spirit healing messages with you by wearing an intention setting Temporary Tattoo, and invite them into your homes & sacred spaces using the Altar Art and frameable premium Blank Greeting Cards.

🌸 Spending time with the original Plant Spirit Art Journal & Coloring pages is such a peaceful and meditative activity and a perfect way to connect with the plant spirits you are working with. Available as digital downloads so you can get right to work!

🌸 Dig even deeper in the intimate Soulflower Sanctuary Moonwise Plant Spirit Art Mentorship experience where we gather in a virtual circle to explore the wisdom and medicine that arises from within when we connect with our hearts to the spirits of the plants. A place where we go deep to remember and heal together guided by one Soulflower Plant Spirit for an entire moon cycle.