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The spirit of every plant has a message and an intention that will support your journey of healing and self-discovery

The healing power of the living world is always available to us through intentional connection with the trees, plants and flowers that so graciously support all life on this beautiful Earth.  My hope is that my art and the healing messages from the plant spirits it conveys will help spark or support your own personal insights and growth.

Once you know the intention of each flower, every time you see it you will be reminded of their powerful healing message. The more we can bring these intentions into our everyday awareness the more we are able to embody them. That is the transformational magic of the flowers!

Use the Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle deck for daily seeds of wisdom. Record your daily pick along with your reflections and insights in the Soulflower Journal (coming soon). Carry the plant spirit healing intentions with you by wearing a temporary tattoo, and invite them into your homes & sacred spaces using the altar art, frameable cards and fine prints. Scroll to the bottom of the page to sign up for my monthly newsletter where I share insights on the Soulflower of the month and include a FREE downloadable coloring page to help you deepen your own connection.