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Supporting your journey of healing and self-discovery (and mine!) with the loving guidance of the plant spirits

Just as our spirit, our soul, provides the blueprint for our own lives, I believe each plant has it’s own unique personality, it’s own plant spirit, or deva, that provides the blueprint for it’s life, it’s nutritional and medicinal properties, and healing energies. 

While herbal remedies work to CURE the physical body, flower essences work with us to HEAL the mental/emotional body. They can be ingested, but the vibrational healing power of flowers is also available to us simply by intentionally connecting with the plant—through art, journaling, meditation, ritual, ceremony or any other way that works for you.

My hope is that my art and the healing messages from the plant spirits it conveys will help spark or support your own personal insights and growth.

The Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle is my personal heART filled expression of my soul connection to the plants and flowers that so graciously support us and all life on this planet. It will not predict the future and it won’t fix your problems for you. But it will help you to connect directly to your own inner wisdom, your intuition.

I see my Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle as a very simple daily self-care, self-empowerment tool that will help support your own spiritual journey and reawaken or strengthen your connection to the Earth that supports us all.

Like a mirror reflecting back at you the truth of what’s in your heart. And what you will see reflected is not anything that you don’t already deeply know and understand—it is just that you may have forgotten this wisdom as you deal with the “realities” of everyday physical existence.

“I bought my deck several months ago. I don’t pull a card every day but mostly on the days that I need a little extra gentleness to help understand what I can do to best address the challenges I’m facing. These cards ALWAYS give me a virtual hug and are amazingly poignant. The art is beautiful and the wording is so nurturing. Gentle reminders of how inspiring even challenges can be. I want to buy ten of these to give away!”—Maree

"I love my deck, it is one of the best things I ever bought. It brings wisdom, strength, hope and comfort to me daily. It is helping me to get back to my true self and taking me on a journey of self-discovery."—Jenna

"I wanted to send a quick note saying how much I love your oracle cards. The art work is captivating and really touches MY soul! Blessed to be here sharing space with the wonderful flower energy you so beautifully express in your paintings. Thank you so much for creating this deck and sharing it with the world."—Kerrie

So when we have a daily oracle practice, instead of always looking outside of ourselves for guidance and direction we instead begin to look to our own hearts, to our own inner knowing, our intuition. And the more we do this, the more we learn to trust ourselves. And the more we learn to trust ourselves, the more we begin to experience and move through life guided by the wisdom of our hearts rather than by our intellect and fragile ego.

Want to learn more? Read Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle 101 and then take some time to explore all my other blog posts where I share how the practice of connecting with the wisdom of nature informs my everyday life, personal growth and understanding.

What I love about my Soulflower business is that it is an external manifestation of my inner spiritual work and growth. It is my heARTswork. I am sharing my journey as I learn and grow along with the loving guidance of nature. We have so much to learn from the flowers, from the trees, from the Earth and all her elements and instead of giving away all my power in my journey of living to various external “experts”—I am learning to trust my own internal guidance system.  

As my understanding of the flowers, and the interconnectivity of all of nature deepens, so does my understanding of myself. Understanding myself is empowerment. 

My logo is a Dandelion seed, as it is my wish to spread the seed of empowerment to others on their healing (wholing) journeys. Through my art, through my words, through my actions, I hope to inspire others. Not to do the same, but to realize the power of their own hearts to lead their way

It is my belief that the only way we can truly heal this Earth is by each one of us stepping up and accepting responsibility for our own healing journeys.

One by one as we come home to ourselves, and our direct connection with Nature, we can bring the Earth back in to balance. 

Lastly, as a way to give back to the Earth that supports us all, I donate $3 from every deck sale to www.treesisters.org for global reforestation projects and women's leadership programs. 

So welcome to my flower filled world! Check back often or sign up for occasional emails (scroll to the footer of this page where you'll find the sign up link) and I will let you know when new products or blog posts are ready.

Life is a journey of self-discovery. Wishing you much peace, love and joy on yours! 

Women as a force of Nature, on behalf of Nature

In deep gratitude to the Mother Earth who tirelessy gives and gives to us all, I will donate $3 to Treesisters.org for every Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle Deck sold.