A Soulflower Journey with Daffodil (PERCEPTION)

Daffodil wants you to “see the light," to perceive the beauty and perfection and wholeness that is you, just as you are. How amazing that Daffodil is here to guide us as we navigate the evolution of our global community.

She says, “Forget about your roles, your costumes, your narrow definitions. I want you to SEE THE LIGHT. I want you to see, to understand, and to feel the Divinity that you are, that you embody. Then view the world through THAT lens!"

It is time to release any self-doubt and revel in the freedom and weightlessness of endless possibilities, to see the divinity and perfection in All That Is, and to move forward directing our creative energy for the highest good of all. 

And the Earth, the flowers and all of Nature are showing us that we are not meant to walk the path of understanding, awareness and healing alone. 

This is why I am offering this in-person Soulflower Journey! 

This is a Sanctuary where we will spend the day in sacred circle with other wise women diving deep into the healing wisdom that the Earth and all of Nature is reflecting to us. Where we will remember ourselves whole through sharing, witnessing and experiencing the wisdom that arises from within when we intentionally connect with our hearts to the spirit of plants.

When: Sunday, May 17th, 2020
Time: 10am-3pm 
Where: Milk & Honey of Swallowtail Farm, 84 Cove St, Portland, Maine 
Investment: $111 

I am calling in 12 women to gather with me. Together we will explore the rhythms and cycles of the Earth and the Moon through the lens of the Soulflower Daffodil Plant Spirit. Utilizing our own creativity and our intentional presence, witnessing and holding space for each other, we will experience how aligning with these Earth energies can support our own healing and wellbeing through sisterhood, art, nourishing food, journaling, and sitting in silence.

Everything you need for the day will be provided, including refreshments, home-made farm fresh vegetarian lunch (please let me know if you have special dietary requirements or allergies), art and journaling supplies. 

All you have to bring is your presence, your wisdom and your willingness to be open to the innate intelligence of Nature and the unseen realm of the Plant Spirits. 

It is my intention that you will leave knowing deeply that you are not alone in this spiral journey, that you will feel nourished and supported and that you remember that you have everything you need within to be happy and to be whole. 

Will you join me?

“Your words and the community you have created through your work has been very meaningful to me in my journey of searching and healing. It has helped me to more fully uncover (and to feel brave to share) my authentic self and my connection with our precious Mother Earth in a way that has been so deeply healing and expanding for my soul. For that I thank you and am so grateful that you show up for your authentic self and share it with others. I truly believe that together as a global community we CAN do this; together we CAN support and encourage each other in a re-awakening to become once again peoples of the Earth, alongside (not in dominion over) all beautiful beings from the wind to the winged and everything in between. ❤️” —Melissa K.

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