CommUNITY Garden SUMMER Abundance Box

"Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into."—Wayne Dyer

Inspired by the season and the Summer Soulflower Plant Spirit Guides—Hellebore, Daffodil and Bee Balm—the CommUNITY Garden Summer Abundance Box is a very special collaborative offering to nourish and support as we remember our divine right and responsibility to receive and redistribute ABUNDANCE. 

Each box contains beautiful handcrafted art, cards, crystals, flower essences, herbal tea and so much more heartfelt medicine and thoughtful extras lovingly curated by the women of the CommUNITY Garden Earth Wisdom Council. 

We have created only 13 of these special boxes—and there is only one left!

What's in the Box?

🌸 Amazonite Cairn by Lori Horbas ($20 value)

Zen Healing Amazonite Cairn with a Rose Quartz heart for your pocket or your altar. Amazonite carries the energy of connecting one to their own personal truth, allowing one to express their heart through communication. It assists with bringing harmony within the self and amongst other people. May you stand in your own harmony and truth with empowerment, vibrance and perception.

🌸 Summer Magic by Debbie Delany ($31 value)

Contains a soul crafted Hellebore flower essence captured in her garden—a flower who’s spirit lovingly allows old hurts to heal, especially when working with ancestral or past life wounds and who helps with moving on from grief and negative belief patterns. Also a bag of loose leaf refreshing tea blend of Hibiscus, Mint, Lemongrass and Nettle. Steep in your own time for several hours in the sun then allow to cool and sip. Plus, a fancy box of matches to light your way!

🌸 Tiny Summer Journal by Nadine Tardie  ($20 value)

A heartfelt tiny invitation to learn more about yourself through the words of poet Mary Oliver’s poem, The Summer Day. Tucked amongst the journal pages you will find questions and prompts to inspire your own reflections of this beautiful poem. There is great healing and awareness that happens when we are given the time to create, to write, and to reflect. This is just for you (and Mary Oliver) to share a summer day.

🌸 Daffodil Flower Essence by Allie Armstrong ($15 value)

This essence was created on Beltane of 2021 in Freeport, Maine, and is infused with the brightness of beautiful Daffodil. Daffodil helps you to shine your inner light and assists in illuminating areas of darkness.

🌸 Summer Soulflowers by Lisa Estabrook ($29 value)

Way back at the Winter Solstice, Hellebore, Daffodil and Bee Balm stepped forward for our CommUNITY Garden’s collective Summer journey. This offering includes a pure beeswax tea candle to create sacred space and call in the plant spirits to gently guide and support you through the summer months. Place the cards on your altar or somewhere where you will see them often to remind you of your intention. Spend some time coloring and journaling with Hellebore and deep dive with Bee Balm Soulflower Essence. May the Soulflowers gently guide and support you on your soul’s journey.

🌸 A Bundle of Magic and Mushroom Love by Nicole Lynn ($20 value)

This special bundle of mushroom magic contains a tiny mushroom crystal; a glass photo magnet made from her nature explorations; four miniature mushroom bookmarks (from the Faeries); three large bookmarks each with a message from the mushroom spirits in her upcoming Mushroom Medicine Oracle Deck showing up for the summer months of June (Giant Puffball to go along with Hellebore), July (Tumbling Puffball to go along with Daffodil), and August (The Sickener to go along with Bee Balm); and lastly, a Gnome wild flower seed packet to plant in your garden! May these treasures from Nature bless you along your journey.

🌸 Soul Nest by Noel Knower ($40 value)

A Nest is a vessel that holds new Life! Each “Sing Your Song” Empowerment Soul Nest is designed with symbolic, dried flowers and preserved greenery that embody the vibrant energies of the summer season. Place your dreams and intentions in the nest and ‘Sing them into Being.’ Each Nest comes within a decoupaged kraft box with a listing of flowers used and their meanings inside the lid.

🌸 Abundant New Earth Blend by Heidi Symonds ($20 value)

Close your eyes. Place one hand on your heart and one hand on your abdomen. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Give yourself a moment (and permission) to dream. A moment to dream into a new way of being with ourselves, each other and the earth. This magical essential oil blend is designed to support you as you walk your own path towards abundance, a light filled season of Summer, and a bountiful harvest one heart inspired step at a time.

🌸 Soulflower Summer Angel by Mandy Carlson ($50 value)

Your Soulflower Summer Angel is created with two pipe cleaners, undyed wool roving, plant dyed wool and lots and lots of love! Each one of a kind angel carries their own energy and personality and comes infused with the intentions of perception, empowerment, and vibrance through the flower spirits of Daffodil, Hellebore, and Bee Balm. In keeping with Waldorf tradition, your angel’s face is created without details so that her distinct personality comes from your imagination. Your angel is for indoor decoration on a seasonal table/display, shelf or altar. Not suitable for play by children.