Forget-Me-Not Moon Cycle Mentorship

Yay!!! I am so excited that you are here!

The first flower that has stepped up as our guide in the Soulflower Sanctuary is the lovely Forget-Me-Not (AWARENESS).

Forget-Me-Not wants to raise your AWARENESS of your connections, not just to loved ones, but to all beings, in all realms, including yourself. When you can understand this connection you can let go of your fears of loneliness, isolation and separation because you realize the true, immortal nature of your divine soul.

Beginning with the New Moon on August 30th through the entire cycle to September 27 we will digging deep together in the Soulflower Sanctuary Moonwise Plant Spirit Art Mentorship.

You can expect: 

🌸 Gently-paced emails from me with in-depth content to inspire and deepen your relationship with the featured Soulflower.

🌸 Live opening New Moon circle along with other live broadcasts, posts and check-ins (in a secret Sanctuary Facebook group) so we can share our experiences and understandings, in the moment, in an ongoing virtual sacred circle. Once the circle is open, no new members will be able to come in until the next New Moon to allow for trust and intimacy to flourish.

🌸 Full Moon Circle via ZOOM where we will be able to share our Plant Spirit wisdom with each other, fill our hearts and experience together the energy of the featured plant spirit guide. A recording will be made available if you cannot attend live.

🌸 An art lesson (don’t worry ZERO experience necessary), as well as printable journal and coloring pages to support your journey.

🌸 a special gift for participating, feel free to use discount code TENDER for 10% off anything on my website for the entire moon cycle, in case you would like to have a copy of my book, or journal or deck to accompany you.😉

***Please be sure to select the Mentorship Free Shipping option if you do not order any products. Once you have checked out you will receive an order confirmation email. Then stay tuned in the Garden Tender group where I will be sharing more information this week about what to expect.

Your official Sanctuary welcome email and invitation to join the secret Sanctuary Facebook group will go out on the New Moon, Friday, August 30. 

With so much gratitude to you for sharing this journey with me!