Periwinkle (Intertwining) Moon Cycle Mentorship


All is well. All is as it should be. Periwinkle is here helping you to weave together all the lessons and experiences of the past, and all the wisdom gained, so that you can move forward with understanding, compassion and forgiveness. Growth is assured as you find the courage to examine and explore new facets of yourself.

Beginning with the New Moon on November 15th through the entire cycle to December 13th we will digging deep together with Periwinkle as our guide in the Soulflower Sanctuary. Periwinkle brings us to the edge of growth. The place where the future is unknown but the past no longer fits. At this point we have a choice to embody all the wisdom we have acquired and create something new or remain in the relative safety of the familiar.  

You can expect: 

🌀Gently-paced emails from me with in-depth content to inspire and deepen your relationship with the featured Soulflower. 

🌀Private Facebook Sanctuary Group where we can check in with each other and share our experiences, insights and understandings as well as enjoy other live broadcasts, guest conversations, inspirational posts and check-ins in an ongoing virtual sacred circle. Only enrolled members can access the private group space each cycle and once the circle is open, no new members will be able to come in until the next New Moon to allow for trust and intimacy to flourish.  

🌀New Moon LIVE Opening & Closing Circles in our private Facebook Group where we create the energetic container for all of us to invite the Plant Spirit into our lives for the moon cycle ahead, and where we release each other and the Plant Spirit at the end. Actively engaging in the energies of the Earth and Moon cycles throughout so that we begin to remember the cyclical nature of our own energy. 

🌀Full Moon Circle via ZOOM where we will be able to share our Plant Spirit wisdom with each other, fill our hearts and experience together the energy of the featured plant spirit guide. A recording will be made available if you cannot attend live.  

🌀An art lesson (don’t worry ZERO experience necessary), as well as printable journal and coloring pages to support your journey.  

🌀 a special gift for participating, you will receive a 10% discount coupon in your welcome email good towards anything on my website and valid for the entire moon cycle, in case you would like to have a copy of my book, journal, or deck to accompany you. 😉

***Please be sure to select the Mentorship Free Shipping option if you do not order any products. Once you have checked out you will receive an order confirmation email. Please make sure my email address is in your email contact list. Then stay tuned for your official Sanctuary welcome email and invitation to join the secret Sanctuary Facebook group which will go out on the New Moon, November 15, 2020.


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