PRESENCE Coloring Page

My deepest wish is that we ALL remember who we truly are.

May your heart welcome deep peace and expand to embrace the loving PRESENCE that you are and always have been.

This is a digital download of my original pen and ink drawing. You can print this off as many times as you like and whenever you wish. Coloring is a calming and meditative activity and one of the wonderful ways you can connect with yourself and the rhythms and cycles of our beautiful Earth. Try printing it out on nice drawing or watercolor paper not just printer paper. Set up mindfully in a relaxing space and color within the lines, or outside the lines, paint over or around, whatever you feel like. There is no wrong way to do this! 

When you purchase this item you will receive a PDF file (8.5x11 inches), that you may print and color in. 

Please enjoy using this printable for your own private use, but do NOT use it (in part or in whole) in any commercial way. The file is not to be redistributed to anyone else. Thank you!

©2020 Soulflower

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