Rose Temporary Tattoo

My Soulflower

I believe wearing a temporary tattoo is a simple way for you to consciously invite the plant spirits into your life. Not only will it deepen your connection to all of nature, it will also deepen your connection to yourself. 

We are more than just physical bodies, and a plants energetic medicine works more with our spiritual and emotional bodies. I believe these temporary tattoos will enable you to create your own personal ceremony inviting the plants healing energies into your life and offer you a way to catalyze their healing messages into real personal growth and understanding. 

Each pack contains three 2-inch temporary tattoos printed with NON-TOXIC inks that meet or exceed all US, EU and Canadian standards for cosmetic products. Properly applied they should last anywhere from 3-7 days. Place them on clean dry skin, avoiding areas with natural creases (e.g. inner wrists) or hair, for the best results. Longevity is improved by using a little moisturizer on them once or twice a day. Should you want to remove them, gentle scrubbing with soap and water should do the trick.

Rose • Joy

Rose is comforting and soothing, infusing your heart and soul with gratitude and joy and helping you to stay centered and loving to yourself (and others) when it is needed most. Rose reminds you to be open to the sweetness of life, and supports your personal growth whatever the conditions surrounding you may be. Ultimately, life is meant to be joyful. What gave you joy as a child? What gives you joy now? How can you engage more in the activities that fill your heart and soul, and spend more time with the people that fill you with love and joy? 

Affirmation: I let go of suffering so that there is room for happiness and joy in my life. 

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