Supporting your journey of healing and self-discovery (and mine!) with the loving guidance of the plant spirits

Just as our spirit, our soul, provides the blueprint for our own lives, I believe each plant has it’s own unique personality, it’s own plant spirit, or deva, that provides the blueprint for it’s life, it’s nutritional and medicinal properties, and healing energies. 

While herbal remedies work to CURE the physical body, flower essences work with us to HEAL the mental/emotional body. They can be ingested, but the vibrational healing power of flowers is also available to us simply by intentionally connecting with the plant—through art, journaling, meditation, ritual, ceremony or any other way that works for you.


The Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle is my personal heART filled expression of my soul connection to the plants and flowers that so graciously support us and all life on this planet. It is a unique self-care tool to help you tap into your own intuition and inner wisdom through the healing messages of the plant spirits. 

“I bought my deck several months ago. I don’t pull a card every day but mostly on the days that I need a little extra gentleness to help understand what I can do to best address the challenges I’m facing. These cards ALWAYS give me a virtual hug and are amazingly poignant. The art is beautiful and the wording is so nurturing. Gentle reminders of how inspiring even challenges can be. I want to buy ten of these to give away!”—Maree

"I love my deck, it is one of the best things I ever bought. It brings wisdom, strength, hope and comfort to me daily. It is helping me to get back to my true self and taking me on a journey of self-discovery."—Jenna


Formalize your intentions and carry the plant spirit healing messages with you by wearing a temporary tattoo, invite them into your homes & sacred spaces using the small mounted prints for your altar, frameable blank greeting cards, original paintings and fine prints, and spend quality self-care time with them coloring and journaling using my FREE coloring pages.

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I'm also available for custom work and illustration. I can't wait to hear from you!

Life is a journey of self-discovery. Wishing you much peace, love and joy on yours! 


Women as a force of Nature, on behalf of Nature

In deep gratitude to the Mother Earth who tirelessy gives and gives to us all, I will donate $3 to for every Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle Deck sold. 



All is as it should be...
All is as it should be...

Once you are aware of the “cage” that you have built to keep you safe and comfortable with familiar outcomes and experiences—even if they don’t fulfill you or support you any longer—can you find the courage to break out of the cage?

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Nettle: Tough Love
Nettle: Tough Love


Conversations with plants require patience, like Nature's pace, and develop slowly over time, like all good friendships. It’s not like a human to human conversation at all and is more like a rambling series of thoughts and connections, feelings and inspirations that I must somehow make sense of...

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